The following reports, papers and presentations were made/published by various members of the EFD Team between 2005 and 2009. For copies of any of the papers, please contact awilcox@HARCresearch.org.


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2009-11-05  From the Past to the Future: The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program, Presented at the 2009 IOGA Conference, Buffalo, NY.

2009-11-03  Environmental Stewardship of Natural Gas Operations, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-11-03  Causal vs. Non-Causal Selection of Onshore Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-11-03  Pretreatment Options for Water Based E&P Wastes, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-11-03  Environmental Benefits of KERS System with Electrical/Diesel Rigs, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-11-03  Team Challenge: Environmentally Friendly Drilling Using Low Impact Access Practices for Desert Ecosystems, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-11-03  Public Opinion on Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas in Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-11-03  Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems for Environmentally Friendly Drilling, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-11-03  A Crystal Ball View of the Energy Industry in 2025: How Environmentalists Hold the Key to America's Future Energy Security, Presented at the 2009 IPEC Conference, Houston, TX.

2009-10-14  Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP Project, Presented at the Best Practices for Community ad Environmental Protection Workshop, Rifle, CO.