2012 Publications and Presentations

The following reports, papers and articles were made/published by EFD Team Members in 2012. Please contact awilcox@HARCresearch.org if you would like a copy (as available).

Rigzone Articles:
     a. 'First Movers in Eco-Drilling: Going "Dope"-less,' 25 April 2012
     b. 'First Movers in 'Green' Drilling Series,' 23 March 2012
     c. 'First Movers in Eco-Drilling: What do Do with Those Pesky Drill Cuttings,' 21 March 2012
     d. 'The Great Crew Change Meets Eco-Drilling: Disappearing Roads,' 15 February 2012

2012-10-31  Simple & Economic Testing of Groundwater for Contamination - Industrial & AgriBusiness, IPEC, Denver, CO

2012-10-23  The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program, Eagle Ford Stakeholders Summit, Laredo, TX

2012-10-23  Reducing Environmental Tradeoffs Along the Texas Coastal Areas, GCACS, Austin, TX

2012-09-21  Innovation, Safety & Environment Culture and How they should impact your Career Choices, Denver, CO

2012-06-19  Environmentally Friendly Drilling: Air & Waste Management Association Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Antonio, TX

2012-06-04  The EFD Technology Integration Program: IOGCC, Vancouver, B.C

2012-02-17  Creating A Company’s Environmental Culture to Improve Performance in the Energy Industry: IADC Health, Safety, Environmental & Training Conference & Exhibition, Houston, TX

2012-01-24  Fact-based Regulation for Environmental Protection in Shale Gas Resource Development: Ground Water Protection Council UIC Conference, Austin, TX