The EFD Program creates a partnership between National Laboratories and key University partners to develop and disseminate critical new technology to accelerate development of domestic reserves in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Historically the national labs have provided beneficial technologies to increase oil and gas production, but have not focused in the past few years on basic research aimed at providing clean fossil energy to the public in a cost effective, environmentally acceptable manner. Universities have provided education, service, and research but primarily in regional areas and in most instances, specialized areas.

The EFD University/National Laboratories Alliance combines the strong vision and strategic plan of a member led organization with the strengths of a network of highly skilled professionals and well equipped facilities having the talent to move ideas into operations. The objectives of the alliance are:

The University/National Laboratories Alliance assists in the coordination of regional partners. Specifically the Alliance provides the following:

Outreach in the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest
Address regional issues related to development of private and public lands including the Uinta, Piceance, and other plays in the West.

Outreach in Northeast
Inform and educate public and industry concerning EFD practices that may be used in the Marcellus and Utica development.

Native American Outreach
The objective is to determine the best methods of working with Native American land owners so that the reserves may be developed in an environmentally friendly manner.

New Programs
Alliance members discuss new opportunities as they arise.