The 2014 Clean Frac'ing Conference in Houston, Texas brought together experts from the worlds of exploration, logistics, business, academia, investment, policy making law, utilities and finance to address specific issues. 

We asked several industry experts to share their knowledge on the latest techniques and technologies for this rapidly expanding segment of the oil and gas industry.  Here, you will find video interviews that include best practices, industry challenges, and thoughts about the future of Clean Hydraulic Fracturing.  

Click on the video boxes below to hear what the expert has to say: 


Ms. Smith talks about the challenges faced today in groundwater testing and measurement, some critical shortcomings in characterization efforts and the importance of ....


Dr. Haut discusses the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems (EFD) program, hydraulic fracturing and the EFD Scorecard, designed to measure and evaluate the ....


Jeff organized and managed the Clean Frac'ing Conference and brings a new perspective to the industry.


The Consumer Energy Alliance has developed a unique understanding of the intersection between business and public policy. Mr. Martini discusses the importance of ....

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Dr. Stuver talks about how the EFD Program is helping communities and industry contribute cleaner air from oil and gas operations.


Dr. Quiroga discusses the impact of truck traffic and impacts on roads in shale development areas and how stakeholders can improve practices in transportation ....


Mr. Harrison talks about field research on upstream methane emissions and about a study done through a consortium on emissions and flow back.


Mr. Holdren talks about the importance of being transparent, and dealing with the people and communities impacted by fracturing.


Ms. Hopkins discusses Caterpillar’s dual fuel solution for well stimulation engines.


Dr. Cooke talks about patent applications, licensing agreements, and the history of proppants used in shale oil production.