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Leveraging CITP Success

The prodigious accomplishments of the Coastal Impacts Technology Program (CITP) would not have been possible without the contributions of our important partners who have supported these efforts in many ways. First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge the origins and administration of funding by the Coastal Impacts Assistance Program. Made possible by the sharing of revenue from oil and gas activities in the Gulf of Mexico, The Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) has been an investment in the regions so affected by these activities in many ways. Thus, CIAP acknowledges the ecological, cultural and economic importance of our precious coastal resources.

Judiciously administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, CIAP was a vehicle by which funding was distributed for the benefit of coastal communities, economies, and ecosystems. In the State of Texas, it is the General Land Office directly responsible for the prudent management of CIAP initiatives. The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems program of the Houston Advanced Research Center gratefully acknowledges the persistence and thoughtful work of these agencies throughout the development and implementation of the CITP program, as well as other CIAP activities in Texas and the other CIAP coastal states.

CITP was structured with four major elements:


The CITP Final Report contains details on each of these program elements, including the 16 research and demonstration projects, dutifully executed by our CITP subrecipients, important partners who dutifully executed research and demonstration projects with great success.