The Quest to Reduce the Environmental Footprint

Operators, service companies, suppliers, research universities, government agencies and environmental organizations are all interested in working together to devise innovative methods to reduce the environmental footprint of onshore field development requiring high density drilling and completion operations.

Taking a holistic approach in addressing environmental and community issues such as air, water, and land, we wish to focus on identifying gaps as well as opportunities.

This open forum area will include topics such as:

The diverse ecosystems found around the world, semi-arid, upland/woodlands, wetlands, urban, etc. all have unique criteria for low-impact operations. Many oil and gas producers have identified and implemented cost-effective environmental practices and technologies as part of their standard operating practices. The challenge will remain with balancing operations with ecosystems and socioeconomic concerns with economic viability of solutions.

EFD would like to provide an area for discussion for stakeholders to share experiences, technological advances (current, on the horizon and sought) and other 'lessons learned.' This project is the outcome of the SPE Research Forum 'The Quest to Reduce the Environmental Footprint' held in July of 2013.