Dopefree technology is a practice that can substantially address environmental issues in drilling and completion operations. The ability to connect premium pipe threads without applying doping compound has brought significant improvements in running casing and tubing into production wellbores, with further benefits in post-completion operations. 

Liquid-based lubricants known as pipe dopes have traditionally been applied manually to thread surfaces in the mill for storage and again in the field before connections are made. These thread compounds help to fight corrosion and prevent galling—the tendency of thread surfaces to stick to each other during makeup, while under contact pressure, and in motion.

In Dopeless connection technology, a dry coating is applied to thread surfaces in the pipe mill as part of manufacturing, preventing corrosion and providing proper lubrication for connection makeup. The process is integrated into production line operations under tight quality control to ensure that the exact amounts of coating treatments are applied and distributed evenly throughout the thread surface.

The principal areas of benefit have been in rig time efficiency; string installation reliability; well productivity; and health, safety, and environmental protection. 


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