The EFD Scorecard

The EFD certification system is a voluntary, consensus-based, rating system based on existing, proven technologies. The process evaluates environmental and societal issues associated with energy development. It is based on accepted principles and seeks a balance between energy development and all living systems.

The EFD Scorecard is organized into six attributes: Air, Site, Waste Management, Biodiversity/Habitat, Water and Societal. It is a performance-oriented system where points are earned for satisfying criteria. Different levels of certification are awarded based on the total points earned. The system is comprehensive in scope, yet simple in operation.

The EFD Scorecard will vary with various ecosystems (semi-arid, wetlands and woodlands). Practices and methodologies differ in importance from one ecosystem to another and the Scorecard takes this into consideration.

Why Use the Scorecard?

Development of energy resources is important to the economic development and security of our nation. The scorecard enables a methodology to be employed that documents the environmental and societal tradeoffs associated with energy development. The scorecard enables operating companies to make use of the principle of what gets measured, gets done.

Project Registration

Companies interested in obtaining EFD Certification for their project should first register the project. Registration is an important step that establishes the primary contact between the project and the organization that will perform the certification.


Contact Rich Haut or Andra Wilcox for more information. 


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