Appendices for EFD-TIP Final Report

Appendix A: EFD-TIP Phase I

A.1         Phase I Report

Appendix B: Assessment of RPSEA Projects

B.1          GTI Recommendation
B.2          GTI Report
B.3          GTI Presentation of Assessment
B.4          GTI Table of Technologies
B.5          RPSEA Research Portfolio
B.6          Review of Tulsa Abstracts
B.7          NETL Projects

Appendix C: West Regional Center (Task 5.3)

C.1          Story Ranch – La Salle County March 2013
C.2          Chalk Hill Ranch – Dewitt County April 2013
C.3          Chalk Hill Ranch – Dewitt County June 2013
C.4          Story Ranch – La Salle County June 2013
C.5          Chalk Hill Ranch – Dewitt County November 2013
C.6          SHAPE Ranch March – July

Appendix D: Eagle Ford Characterization (Task 5.3.1)

D.1         Eagle Ford Report – Executive Summary
D.2         Eagle Ford Report
D.3         Eagle Ford Data

Appendix E: Water Management Strategy Support (Task 5.3.3)

E.1          SPE 158396
E.2          SPE 173717
E.3          Ohio Trip Report
E.4          EMLab Results 1
E.5          EMLab Results 2
E.6          EMLab Results 3
E.7          EMLab Results 4
E.8          TestAmerica Report
E.9          Water Analysis Labs and Parameters
E.10        Water Results Chalk Hill Ranch
E.11        Pioneer Field Trial
E.12        BG Final Report
E.13        Water Testing Kit White Paper
E.14        Water Management Tool White Paper
E.15        Clean Membranes Report
E.16        Field Trial Report Johnston County
E.17        Frac Kit White Paper
E.18        Oil and Gas Riverside Summary
E.19        Water Seed Project 2015

Appendix F: Drilling and Completion Operations

F.1         Emissions from Hydraulic Fracturing Engines, Dual-Fuel Research
     F.1.1      Emissions, Economic Characteristics of Dual-Fuel
F.2         Powered by Natural Gas (PbNG)
     F.2.1      Basics of Natural Gas Power & Fuel
     F.2.2      Diesel Displacement
     F.2.3      Path to Dual Fuel
F.3         EFD Scorecard
     F.3.1      Scorecard Guidebook
F.4         Osage County
     F.4.1      Environmental Issues in Osage County, OK
F.5         Disappearing Roads
     F.5.1      Life-Cycle Assessment
     F.5.2      RPSEA Final Report
     F.5.3      Lone Star Grid System

Appendix G: Community Issues/Public Perception (Task 5.3.5)

G.1         EFD-TIP Societal Team Final Report
G.2         Hydraulic Fracturing Views in the Marcellus
G.3         Perceptions in the Eagle Ford Executive Summary
G.4         Perceptions in the Eagle Ford Summary
G.5         Perceptions in the Eagle Ford March 2014
G.6         Karnes County Report
G.7         La Salle County Report
G.8         Socially Responsible Drilling Perspectives
G.9         Community Resident Perceptions of O&G Activity in the Eagle Ford
             December 2015

Appendix H: Air Quality (Task 5.3.6)

H.1         Comparison of Air Emission Estimation Methods
H.2         Validation Testing of the Area Source Technique
H.3         Flare Emission Measurement and Mitigation Technologies Testing
H.4         A Better Way to Estimate Emissions From Oil and Gas Sites
H.5         Recommendations to Address Flaring Issues, Solutions and Technologies
H.6         Flaring Technologies
H.7         Flaring Mitigation Field Test – ORC Generator
H.8         Emissions Study – ORC Compared to Open Flaring
H.9         Wireless Sensor Evaluation TAMUK EFD-TIP Final Report
H.10       Public Health Enhancement Opportunities
H.11       Public Health Enhancement Opportunities (Appendices)

Appendix I: EFD East Regional Center

I.1           East Regional Center Final Report
I.2           Assessing Environmental Impacts (Task 5.4.1)
I.3           Cardiovascular Toxicity (Task 5.4.2)
I.4           Water Based Drilling Fluid Systems in the Utica and Marcellus Shales
               (Task 5.4.3)

I.5           Comparison of Air Quality Results (Task 5.4.4)
I.6           Microseismic and 3D Seismic Interpretation (Task 5.4.5)
I.7           Variations of Microseismic b-Values (Task 5.4.5)
I.8           Utica Shale Resource Study (Task 5.4.6)

Appendix J: Technology Transfer and Access to Data (Tasks 3.0 and 7.0)

J.1           EFD Technology Transfer Activities
J.2           Land Use Site Selection Information Tool (LUSSIT) (Task 7.2)
J.3           Sensorpedia (Task 7.3)
J.4           Best Management Practices and Comparative Law Sites