EFD-TIP Final Report

Appendix F: Drilling and Completion Operations


F.1         Emissions from Hydraulic Fracturing Engines, Dual-Fuel Research
     F.1.1      Emissions, Economic Characteristics of Dual-Fuel

F.2         Powered by Natural Gas (PbNG)
     F.2.1      Basics of Natural Gas Power & Fuel
     F.2.2      Diesel Displacement
     F.2.3      Path to Dual Fuel

F.3         EFD Scorecard
     F.3.1      Scorecard Guidebook

F.4         Osage County
     F.4.1      Environmental Issues in Osage County, OK

F.5         Disappearing Roads
     F.5.1      Life-Cycle Assessment
     F.5.2      RPSEA Final Report
     F.5.3      Lone Star Grid System


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