The EFD Virtual Site Kiosk

In order to provide a portable, stand alone instrument to demonstrate the EFD Virtual Site and reach a broader audience, the EFD Team created the EFD Virtual Site Kiosk in 2013. This kiosk stands apart from desktop and/or laptop displays as it is designed to draw attention while offering an easy to use format. Because it can be transported, it can be used in exhibits such as conferences, trade shows, and events as well as more permanent locations such as lobbies, libraries, museums and other publically accessible locations, as designated by the sponsoring organization. 

EFD Program Sponsors may use the Kiosk as part of their community outreach, training, conference/exhibitions or other events as they prefer. 

The EFD Kiosk has been featured several Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) in Colorado and Texas. This event is sponsored by the SPE, AAPG and SEG and connects thousands of stakeholders through attendees, exhibitors and countries around the world participation. 

The Kiosk has been exhibited at the Energy Day Festival in Houston, Texas, attended by over 20,000 visitors. Energy Day is a family friendly event geared towards school aged children. The hands-on exhibits are meant to stimulate and help spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at a young age. The goal is to motivate and encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers who will lead the way in creating more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy technologies for the future. 

The Kiosk has been on display and utilized at numerous EFD Advisory and Sponsor meetings and workshops. It has proven to be tremendously effective in allowing sponsoring operator companies to see how the EFD program is disseminating the efforts taken by industry to address impacts to stakeholders within and outside of industry.


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