Environment 24/7, is available through www.environment247.org.  The new book portrays a manager charged with creating a culture of environmental awareness, where individuals, as well as companies, take personal responsibility for their impact on the environment.

One only has to look at today’s headlines to know the time is right for Environment 24/7. Companies face environmental constraints, including regulations and laws that can limit or completely halt exploration and production in sensitive areas both in the United States and around the world. In the recent past more than 30 environmental policy and regulatory impediments to domestic natural gas production have been identified and documented.

Environment 24/7 is an easy-to-read yet powerful book that clearly outlines the steps and level of commitment necessary to create a culture of environmental awareness within an organization. One only has to look at tomorrow’s headlines to know the importance of environmental safety and “Environment 24/7,” written by Gregory Anderson, co-author of “Safety 24/7,” Rich Haut and Tom Williams, provides learning applicable to all industries and will appeal to every level of experience and educational background.  “Environment 24/7” will help organizations elevate Environmentalism to a core value and, more importantly, help save our ecosystem.

Data collected in previously funded Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) projects reveal, as the energy industry adopts more environmentally friendly approaches, the majority of citizens favor the relaxing, or in some cases even eliminating, current governmental regulations that limit exploration and production in sensitive areas.

More than 11 percent of the world’s population cannot access clean water at all, while the average person in The Woodlands, Texas, is using more than 68,000 gallons of water per year.

The National Academy of Sciences reports an average of 27 oil spills occur every day somewhere in the world, and the Valdez spill doesn’t even make the list of the top 30 all-time largest. In 2012, there were 905 natural catastrophes worldwide, 93 percent of these being weather-related disasters. This figure was nearly 100 more than the 10-year annual average for these type of events.

Environment 24/7 shows how you, your family, co-workers and your company can dramatically improve the future health of Planet Earth … before it’s too late to make a difference in our world.

Gregory Anderson and Robert Lorber’s book, Safety 24/7, shows how a company’s safety culture can positively change, and was the genesis for how to improve a company’s environmental culture. Nobody wants an environmental incident to occur. Companies try to eliminate incidents by making the environment a priority or writing additional policies and procedures … but incidents continue to happen. Why? Because they have left the human element out of the equation.

Environment 24/7 is a book about ‘Building a Culture of Environmental Awareness,’ positively transforming personal habits and company culture to create a cleaner, more environmentally healthy planet. Just as Safety 24/7 has helped save lives, Environment 24/7 helps to save ecosystems by illustrating that real change can only take place where there is an open mind and a willing heart.

Environment 24/7 will provide the guide to instilling environmental awareness throughout an entire organization.

What others are saying about Environment 24/7:

Environment 24/7 provides excellent lessons for all employees to use to create and develop an environmentally responsible culture. It takes a commitment from the CEO to senior management to the frontline for companies to successfully develop a safety culture. This book will initiate the important next step of aggressively focusing on the environment.”

James C. Day
Retired Chairman, CEO and President
Noble Corporation


“In today’s world, communities, industry and commerce are rapidly changing landscapes. The impacts of these changes affect our natural areas, wildlife and society as a whole. Encouraging environmental awareness and fostering a culture of conservation within organizations is key to ensuring a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future. Environment 24/7 helps define the commitment needed from all of us to protect and conserve our precious environmental gifts.”

Jack H. Hole
Past Chairman
Ducks Unlimited Canada


“Protecting the quality of the nation’s groundwater is the duty of all natural resource extraction activities, including oil and gas development, mining, and other environmentally dependent industries. More difficult, but equally important, is recognition of their relationship to future water supply needs. Environment 24/7 provides all stakeholders an opportunity to promote an understanding of what is truly important in protecting and sustaining groundwater resources for future generations.”

Michel J. Paque, CAE
Executive Director
Ground Water Protection Council


“We had the honor of serving at the EPA in the administration of President George H.W. Bush and his administrator, Bill Reilly. President Bush inspired us when he said he wanted to be remembered as the environmental president. We were privileged to play a part in implementing his vision. While the world has made significant environmental strides in the intervening two decades, much more needs to be done. As our friend Tom Williams and his colleagues, Greg Anderson and Rich Haut, point out in Environment 24/7, we must have a culture of environmental stewardship. We know, having worked at the EPA, that government has a key role, but fundamental changes in personal and organizational behavior are the ultimate keys to protecting our health and environment.”

– Charles L. Grizzle
Former Assistant Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency

– LaJuana S. Wilcher
Former Assistant Administrator for Water
Environmental Protection Agency

– Kelly K. Sinclair
Former White House Liaison & Counselor to the Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency


This innovative approach to understanding environmental stewardship is available at http://www.environment247.org/.