The Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) and the Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) program, managed by the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), have joined together to develop and implement a research effort to address gas flaring and stranded gas by utilizing novel technologies to monetize gas at the wellhead. PTTC will organize and run various workshops related to problem identification and technology transfer/training. EFD, a nonprofit organization, will manage the program.

The overall objective of the Flaring Issues, Solutions and Technologies (FIST) project is to develop and demonstrate technologies to monetize stranded gas and to reduce or eliminate gas flaring and/or methane emissions associated with gas production in a manner that results in monetization of the valuable gases.

The FIST project team is developing a budget, program schedule & sponsor participation fees. The fees may scale in degrees of funding by Phase (4 proposed phases), participation levels, adding service providers, including levels for operator type (small independent/mid size/major) or by regions.

Phase 1 of the project will develop a prototype screening tool and begin the screening of technologies. A Technical Readiness Level (TRL) Assessment on each technology identified will be conducted. In addition a White Paper will capture regionally specific findings from various workshops such as gas quality, quantity, current amount gas being flared and wells currently shut for lack of sufficient infrastructure, proximity to infrastructure such as power lines, roads and liquid pipe lines, regional regulatory barriers, etc.

Update: November, 2014 - White Paper Now Available Here.

Phase 2 consists of performing an initial evaluation of various technologies and to refine the screening tool. (this is a stage gate for going forward). Outcomes of Phase 2 include documenting selection criteria, selecting field test sites and developing a detailed budget for Phase 2 and 4.

Phase 3 will include detailed engineering and design for field demonstrations as selected by the sponsors.

Phase 4 will include field trials, documentation and the continuation of the program to maintain the web site, additional field testing, provide training. There are various technologies that will be identified and screened as potential applications. Any of these technologies may be more applicable under conditions identified in our study. This will evolve as new plays are being developed, new regulations are passed, changes in the economics of the market and the technologies being applied.

For further information contact:
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Workshop being planned now. More information to follow....