In 2013, the EFD team initiated a project to investigate the use of natural gas as a primary source for equipment used in drilling and fracturing operations in the Marcellus/Utica area. The first phase of the effort will be a conceptual study to document fuel requirements, fuel sources and how fuel usage during field development may evolve. The objective is to determine how natural gas may be used in E&P operations to reduce emissions and reduce the long haul of LNG to well sites. The study will determine the most desirable natural gas option (supply, distribution, power generation) at a given site for specific requirements under given conditions. The first phase will also identify safety issues/concerns including training and public outreach. Future plans will be included in the first phase report.

A series of white papers is being developed. Topics will include: Basics, Dual Fuel and Bi-fuel, Turbine Power, Natural Gas Fueling, LNG, CNG, Field/Wellhead Gas, Cost, Electrification, Regulatory Issues:

Natural Gas - The Basics



For more information contact:

     Carolyn LaFleur, clafleur@HARCResearch.org, 281-364-4035

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