Environmentally Friendly Drilling has developed a line of tools to estimate savings that could be experienced by using natural gas, either in part or whole, for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.

There are four calculators for both Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing with fuel delivery options such as LNG, CNG, Pipeline/Sales gas, and Field/Wellhead gas. The Field/Wellhead Gas calculator also has an added section to calculate the Lower Heaving Value (LHV) and Methane Number (MN) of the associated/produced gas. The MN is a good indicator or the quality of the gas and it is helpful in determining if the gas has enough energy to power the engine.

These calculators also have the option to add in equipment expenses to gain a broader expense comparison.

It should be noted that if a final savings value is negative due to equipment expenses that an analysis should be performed to determine long term equipment pay back from savings from natural gas. These tools are intended for simple cost analysis in order to determine if using equipment that is Powered by Natural Gas is economical for operations and not intended to be precision tools since prices fluctuate.

Fuel Saving Calculator 1: Using LNG for Drilling

Fuel Saving Calculator 2: Using CNG for Drilling

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    Carolyn LaFleur, clafleur@HARCResearch.org, 281-364-4035