The following reports, papers, articles, and presentations have been made/published by EFD Team Members. 
Please contact awilcox@HARCresearch.org for copies (as available).

2016 Publications and Presentations

Conversion of Exhaust Gases from Dual-Fuel (NG-Diesel) Engine under Ni-Co-Cu/ZSM-5 Catalysts. SAE International, Detroit, Michigan (March).

2016 Presentations

Data Management to Measure Impacts on the Community. DOC Community and Stakeholder Engagement in Oil and Gas Development, Bogata, Colombia (December)

Structuring and Managing Funds for the Benefit of the Local Community. DOC Community and Stakeholder Engagement in Oil and Gas Development, Bogata, Colombia (December)

EFD Acceptance of STEER Impact Award. 4th Annual Eagle Ford Excellence Awards, San Antonio, TX (November)

EFD 2016 Sponsors/Advisors Meeting: Engine Emissions Studies. The Woodlands, TX (November)

Reinforcing Environmental Awareness with Ralph and Rhonda RoughneckTM IOGCC 2016 Annual Conference, Little Rock, AR (October)

Field Testing of Technologies to Address Environmental Issues Associated with O&G Activities. Geological Society of America GSA 2016, Denver, CO (September)

EFD TIP Highlights. Best of RPSEA Technology Conference, Galveston, TX (August)

Flare Gas Reduction Field Trial. URTeC, San Antonio, TX (August)

EFD Field Trials Highlight How to Address Environmental Issues. Garfield County Energy Advisory Board, Rifle, CO (August)

Field Trials Associated with Environmental and Societal Aspects of O&G Operations. Northwest Colorado Oil and Gas Forum, Rifle, CO (August) 

Coastal Impacts Technology Program. GOMA All Hands Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA (June)

Virtual O&G Sites - Stakeholder Engagement. Energy Education Summit, Washington, D.C. (June)

Reducing Methane and VOC Emissions at Oil & Gas Operations. RPSEA Onshore Technology Workshop, Denver, CO (May)

Drilling Down: Fossil Energy and Water: How Well Do They Mix. American Water Resources Association Spring Specialty Conference, Anchorage, AK (April)

WVU Assessment of the Environmental, Performance, and Economic Impact of Drilling Fluids Systems Used in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia (Poster). AADE 2016 National Fluids Technical Conference and Exhibition, Houston, TX (March) 

EFD Virtual Sites. 2016 Mid-Continent Digital Oilfield Conference, Tulsa, OK (February)

Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems - Virtual Sites. Innovators in the Woods, The Woodlands, TX (January)  


2016 Publications

Lafleur, Carolyn, Wijesinghe, A., and Haut, R. Study Looks at Emissions, Economic Characteristics of Dual-Fuel, High-Horsepower Engine Used in Hydraulic Fracturing Application. IADC Drilling Contractor Magazine. May/June 2016. Vol. 72. No. 3. June, 2016.

Willits, Fern K., Theodori, G.L. and Luloff, A.E. Correlates of Perceived Safe Uses of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater: Data from the Marcellus Shale. The Extractive Industries and Society. April, 2016.

Wilson, Thomas H. (WVU) and Sullivan, Pete (Energy Corporation of America). Microseismic energy density and event trend constraints on model DFN development for hydraulically fractured reservoirs: Marcellus shale, southwestern Pennsylvania, U.S.A. March, 2016

Zhu, Yixuan and Wilson, Thomas H (WVU) and Sullivan, P. (Energy Corporation of America). Variations of microseismic b-values and their relationship to 3D seismic structure in the Marcellus Shale: Southwestern Pennsylvania. March, 2016.

Past Publications and Presentations