Habitat for the endangered Attwater’s prairie-chicken is degraded by the invasion of deleterious vegetation that is directly related to surface water drainage.  In this instance, existing drainage patterns around access roads and old well pads are addressed.  At present, areas where drainage is impeded tend to promote the growth of deep-rooted sedge, a destructive invasive species that displaces native plants, resulting in loss of habitat.  This work involves mapping, ecological monitoring and other study along with drainage improvements aimed at restoration of this critical habitat.

A detailed survey of the affected areas will be conducted to show existing topography and surface drainage patterns in areas of deep-rooted sedge infestation.  With these results, selective construction of drainage improvements will correct these conditions, thereby discouraging the growth of deep-rooted sedge.  Ecological monitoring will assess the effectiveness of these measures in reducing infestation of invasive species and recolonization of the area with native species