The EFD Program would not exist without sponsors and advisors dedicated to addressing environmental issues associated with oil and gas activities. Our EFD sponsors fund the program for three years, having the option to renew their membership on an ongoing basis. In addition to the financial support, our sponsors help us manage the overall effort, participating in meetings and research efforts. In return, our sponsors enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Access to EFD Alliance – EFD expert teams can be established to work with members on specific issues.
  2. Quarterly Advisors Meetings.
  3. Engagement in EFD Projects.
  4. Voice in Program Direction.
  5. Access to Reports, Review Meetings, etc.
  6. Networking with Environmental Organizations.
  7. Networking with Community Groups.
  8. Communication via EFD Team with Regulators, Legislators, Agencies.
  9. Direct Focus of Membership Fee – Consortium members may decide where their fees may be used.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Rich Haut (rhaut@HARCresearch.org)

We want to recognize all our sponsors:

The EFD program also has environmental as well as regulatory ADVISORS to the overall program, including:

The EFD team maintains a relationship with many more industry and environmental organizations as well as with various local, state and federal agencies across the USA and other governmental entities in other countries. This is an added and valuable benefit EFD provides to all sponsors. Organizations that the EFD team collaborates with include: