General definition: Flaring, or burning of unwanted gas, is a method of disposal when it is not feasible to transport gas to market and operators cannot use the gas on site for other purposes. 

Some operators are researching practices/technologies that capture gas that would otherwise be flared. By considering technologies and practices such as Waste Heat to Power (WHP), companies are learning about ways to address emissions while improving efficiency of operations.  

The EFD team conducted a field trial in 2015 in North Dakota to evaluate WHP technologies aimed to reduce flaring, generate power on-site, increase energy efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts from flaring. The findings from this effort are available upon request.

The Flaring Issues, Solutions, and Technologies project was conducted in 2015 and updated in 2018. Please contact Andra Wilcox at awilcox@harcresearch.org for more information.


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