Water Challenge

Most Applicable Practices (MAPs)


This document represents various MAPs encountered, discussed, reviewed (via literature and/or presentation reviews) and published case studies/field trial data that describe some of the measures utilized to address water management in the oil and gas sector. It is not all-encompassing and HARC does not assume credit nor responsibility toward data therein. 

It is shared as a searchable resource so that all stakeholders may learn more about practices, technologies, applicabilities and challenges across the U.S. Users can view practices, locations, companies, case studies and associated reference material (publications, presentations, etc.) supporting findings.

Categories of Most Applicable Practices (MAPs) in this document include:
     Beneficial Reuse

     Logistics (Central Facility, Ponds, Permanent Pipeline, Temporary Pipeline)


     Sourcing (Brackish, Mine Discharge, Recycle, Waste Treatment, Other)


     Water Management

     Water Treatment (Ceramic, Filtration, Other, Pretreatment, Reverse Osmosis)